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Safepad Breast Pads

Safepad Breast Pads

Safepad™ Breast Pads are suitable for every new mum withs overabundant milk supply or hyperactive let-down reflex may experience milk leakage.

Each Packaging contains:
*5 pairs of Safepad Breast pads
*Pink wetbag for storing used Safepad Breast Pads

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Product Description

Safepad™ Breast Pads are reusable and sustainable cloth pads, made from a soft, durable, and breathable material with quick absorbency feature. The size of Safepad™ Breast Pads is a perfect fit for every woman of any size. The Safepad™ Breast Pads are designed in a drop shape to form little cups, so they stay put and do not move around. Safepad™ Breast Pads are manufactured with antimicrobial technology. This technology leaves a positively charged layer on the fabric, which attracts and kills negatively charged microbes such as bacteria and fungi. The superior fabric features maintain infection free breastfeeding experience.

We decided to provide 6 pairs of Safepad™ Breast Pads in 1 packaging so every new mum can exchange them every 2-3 hours to stay dry and protected from infections. The manufacturing process does not contain any harmful chemicals.


 Material: 100% polyester



Your Breastpad is antimicrobial

How to clean your Breastpad?