Safepad - FAQs

What is the average number of days per month a user has her menstruation?

The average menstruation period lasts from 4 to 6 days. Most women experience that during the first 2 - 3 days the flow is heavier.

How many units of Safepad™ will be used over a 24-hour period?

It is difficult to predict as the flow varies from woman to woman as well as within the period for the same woman. Within the normal range an average per 24-hour period is 2 - 4 pcs. In the beginning of the period where the flow is heavy: 3 during day – one at night. Towards the end of the period one to two pads per day and one at night.

How many units of SafePad™ is needed per period?

It is difficult to predict as the need is very individual and depends on your flow. If the flow is within the normal range and you wash every day, you will be able to manage with 1 pack of Safepad™ (4 pads). Women usually bleed between 10 to 40 ml per menstrual period, most often strongest in the beginning. 

Which fabric and material used in Safepad™?

The fabric is 100% polyester based.

  • The top fabric is a soft velvet
  • The core absorbent material is made of special treated fibrillated high absorbent fibers
  • The bottom fabric is a mesh jacquard with a PU lamination

What chemicals are used?

The antimicrobial treatment of Safepad™ is formed by Silica, Nitrogen and carbon. It does not contain any harmful or dangerous chemicals, nor does it contain antibiotics. The non-harmful chemicals used to make Safepad™ antimicrobial will not leak out of the fabric during use or washing as the treatment is permanently bonded to the fabric.


1 Super Daypad can absorb approximately 10 ml without leaking.

1 Long Nightpad can absorb approximately 15 ml without leaking.

What is the lifetime of SafePad™?

Provided the care instructions (30 min soaking, rinsing, squeezing and drying) are follow, Safepad will withstand at least 100 washes. Assuming that the pad is washed twice in a period, 100 washes translates into 4 years of use. The antimicrobial efficacy will not deplete over time as the treatment is permanently bonded to the fabric.

What is the shelf life of SafePad™?

Safepad stored in original unbroken packaging has an expected lifetime of 5 years. The antimicrobial treatment will not deteriorate over time.