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Active Menstrual Heartcup "mini"

Active Menstrual Heartcup "mini"

1 pc. Fixed menstrual cup

We recommend Mini to you as:
-Is a teenager
-Need a smaller size
-Bleeds easily
-Low cervix
-Strong pelvic floor

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Active Menstrual Heartcup "Mini"

For you who are a teenager or need a smaller size due to a low cervix, or you who bleed very easily and have a strong pelvic floor.

Fixed menstrual cup that fits most people - especially if you have a strong pelvic floor. Active is the perfect menstrual cup for you who bleed a lot or do a lot of sports and have a strong pelvic floor.

Size of Active Mini:
Diameter 38 mm
Length of cup 55 mm
Capacity 20 ml

Choose between the colors: clear, pink and or black.

HeartCups menstrual cups are made from 100% medical grade silicone.