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Safepad™ from recycled plastic

Safepad™ from recycled plastic

Real Relief decided it is time to create the safest and most environmentally friendly reusable menstrual pad in the world. We are now introducing Safepad™ made from recycled plastic bottles.

Each package contains:
- 3x Day Safepad™ in the size 29 cm x 20 cm with absorption of 20 ml
- 1x Night Safepad™ in the size 34 cm x 20 cm with absorption of 30 ml
- Pink wet bag for storing used Safepad

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Product Description

Safepad™ is a reusable and sustainable cloth pad, made from a soft, durable, and breathable material. The pad is designed with an antimicrobial technology that guarantees infection-free period. The antimicrobial technology is also permanently boned to the fabric, and therefore it does not come off. The manufacturing process of the Safepad™ does not contain any harmful chemicals meaning you can experience your period feeling safe and free.


Process of Safepad™ from recycled plastic bottles innovation

Modern technologies make it possible to collect plastic from the ocean or landfills. This plastic waste can be converted into valuable resource. We implemented this technology into our manufacturing process of the SafepadTM

  1. Plastic bottles are collected in India 
  2. The bottles are sorted and cleaned
  3. The plastic bottles are torn into plastic flakes
  4. The plastic flakes are converted into smaller granulates
  5. The granulates are extruded and extruded and spun into yarns
  6. The yarns are knitted into a modern and sustainable fabric
  7. The soft fabric is used to make a Safepad 

The new fabric has the same superior performance as before but as of now 1 Safepad represents 3 plastic bottles less in our oceans.




It is in our DNA to create meaningful impact. Converting plastic waste into reusable Safepad menstrual pads is our latest approach to tackling waste problems around the world.  


Safepad is made from recycled polyester yarns that are very durable. By creating reusable pads from high-quality, long-lasting polyester fabric, we help to reduce waste created by menstrual products by up to 99%. 


Safepad is made to last up to four years making it probably the most durable metro pet on the market safe but is the sign with an anti-microbial treatment that makes it very easy and safe to reuse. 


Safepad is made from 100% polyester, primarily originating from recycled plastic bottles. This makes Safepad suitable for recycling. 


 Health and Hygiene

75% of all women experience vaginal yeast or bacterial infection during their period. These infections cause health issues and in worst cases impact women’s fertility.

 Safepad™ is designed with a permanently bonded antimicrobial technology that helps reducing vaginal infections caused by Candida albicans along with infections with other pathogens. The antimicrobial technology is based on a treatment that leaves a positively charged layer on the fabric. This layer attracts and kills the negatively charged microbes (bacteria and fungi). The treatment does not contain any harmful chemicals. The permanently bonded antimicrobial fabric along with a highly absorbent material provides a comfortable and leakage free experience to all Safepad™ users.



Your Safepad is antimicrobial

How to clean your safepad?


How are the safepad from regenerated plastics bottles made?