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Safepad™ by Sheworks Atelier

Safepad™ by Sheworks Atelier

Safepad™ is reusable sanitary pad designed to provide safe and infection-free experience during your period. This packaging of Safepad™ is sewn by Sheworks Atelier in Kolding.

Each package contains
- 3x Day Safepad™ in the size 29 cm x 20 cm with absorption of 20 ml
- 1x Night Safepad™ in the size 34 cm x 20 cm with absorption of 30 ml
- Binding is packed in a beautiful fabric bag sewn from leftover textiles from the Danish textile industry

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Product Description

Safepad™ is a reusable and sustainable cloth pad, made from a soft, durable, and breathable material. The pad is designed with an antimicrobial technology that guarantees infection-free period. The technology is also permanently boned to the fabric, and therefore it does not come off. The manufacturing process of the Safepad™ does not contain any harmful chemicals meaning you can enjoy your period while feeling safe and free.


  • 100% polyester


 Sheworks Atelier

Real Relief has created a project in collaboration with Sheworks Atelier. Together, we focus on the climate, integration, equality and responsible consumption and production. Now we can proudly launch our Kolding-produced Safepad™ by Sheworks – our reusable cloth pads sewn by the talented refugee and immigrant women at Sheworks Atelier and packed in the finest cloth bags designed for the purpose. If you buy one of these bags, containing four reusable cloth napkins, you can save the environment by approx. 192 disposable volumes over a period of two years.

Safepad™ by Sheworks gives the ordinary consumer the opportunity to act responsibly and thoughtfully. The aim of this joint project is to emphasize the importance and positive consequences of responsible consumption and production, as well as to promote and advance women's rights and equal opportunities in Kolding as well as in Afghanistan, Malawi and India, etc.


 Health and Hygiene

75% of all women experience vaginal yeast or bacterial infection during their period. These infections cause health issues and in worst cases impact women’s fertility.

 Safepad™ is designed with a permanently bonded antimicrobial technology that helps reducing vaginal infections caused by Candida albicans along with infections with other pathogens. The antimicrobial technology is based on a treatment that leaves a positively charged layer on the fabric. This layer attracts and kills the negatively charged microbes (bacteria and fungi). The treatment does not contain any harmful chemicals. The permanently bonded antimicrobial fabric along with a highly absorbent material provides a comfortable and leakage free experience to all Safepad™ users.


Your Safepad is antimicrobial

How to clean your safepad?